All services are to be paid in full, or the minimum billable amount, prior to any work being performed or parts being ordered. Additional fees may be added after consultation.
Cash, PayPal, EFTPOS, Bank transfer, or Credit-Card is accepted for payment. Cheques are not accepted.
Service Rates
Standard Look-at/Bench (11am~5pm, weekdays)$50.00
Standard Business Callout (11am~5pm, weekdays), 30 minutes inclusive$132.00
Standard hour rate$132.00 (minimum half-hour, with quarter-hour increments)
After hours Callout (5pm~9am), 30 minutes inclusive$220.00
After hours Hourly rate$220.00 (charged in quarter-hour increments)
Frequently Requested Services
(Guideline pricing only, subject to variation based on actual requirements)
iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, SE, 6S, 6S+ Tristar replacement$179.00
Data Recovery from Phone (No data, No fee)$220.00
Mainboard repair, (No fix, No fee)$250.00 ~ $350.00
Data Recovery from PC (No data, No fee)$220.00
Repair Quote$60.00
Windows [Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10] secure wipe, reinstallation and all updates$132.00
Overnight System Revival / Clean and tune$150.00
Laptop Keyboard replacement$90.00
Laptop Screen replacement$220.00
Laptop cooling system refurbish$170.00
Hard drive replacement$279.00

iPhone 6 (4.7") replacement screen$149.00
iPhone 6+ (5.5") replacement screen$169.00
iPhone 6S (4.7") replacement screen$199.00
iPhone 5S/5C/5 replacement screen$129.00
iPhone 5 replacement battery$79.00
iPhone 4 / 4S replacement screen$99.00
iPhone 4 / 4S replacement battery$66.00
iPhone 4 / 4S replacement back$20.00
DIY Fixes
(These pages are provided as guides only and we are not liable for any damages incurred)