Why it matters where you get your iPhone fixed
With every man and his dog offering to fix iPhones these days and with prices ranging from low $50 to $250 it's not surprising people are asking "Why does it matter, and why is there such a price difference?". Price alone doesn't dictate the quality of the service your phone will receive, but it usually is a good indicator of what to expect.
At the extreme budget end of repairs you can typically expect to have your phone returned to you in a working, but probably somewhat worse-for-wear state and not feeling like it had the quality of the unit before. Some of the reasons are as follow;
At the end of the day the choice comes down to you, the owner of the phone. There is a wide range of pricing for what seems to be the same repair job, but more often than not there's reasons for the price variances outside of simple money grabbing.
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