A list of possibly useful bits of information that have been found during repairs
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 batteries have a 5-wire connector, 2 x +ve and 2x -ve. The 5th wire is the temperature sensor lead, which thankfully is nothing more than a 10K NTR. If you have problems with your tablet saying "Charging is disabled, battery too cold" (or too hot), then you can bypass this by either disconnecting the middle/blue lead, or just putting a 10K resistor between the lead and GND.

WARNING Since we've disable the temperature reading it means we could end up with a dangerous situation if the battery is legitimately too hot or cold; use this hack with extreme caution.

If you wish to do things more correctly to regain the margin of safety, you can solder together a 10K NTC resistor and a 1~10nF capacitor and hook them up to the connector via some light wire (32AWG wirewrap works fine ). Make sure you tape down everything and heatshrink any joins. Place the sensor resistor over the middle edge area of the battery pack, as that's roughly where it is on the internal pack PCB.

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